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Many of the Adjutor APIs are charged at commercial rates which means that your service account must be funded as the system debits this account for every successful API call.

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API Services

Our APIs enable you to confirm the identity of your customers / businesses, identify blacklisted debtors and make quick, easy and cost-effective decisions during your loan decision processes.

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How much do I pay for each API call?

The price charged for every API call is contractual with the API management team. You can reach out to them at for support and inquiry.

Funding your service account

For you to make your first API call, you need to fund your service account. But first, Lendsqr will make available to you a NGN1,000 credit so you can test out the capabilities of the API before committing to purchase it.

Lendsqr service accounts are virtual accounts in which you can transfer funds directly from any Nigerian bank.

To see the details of your service account, log into your Admin panel at

1. Navigate to the "Business" menu and select "wallet".

2. The bank account to fund and the balance is displayed on the view

API Services

Adjutor validation endpoints

With Adjutor's validation APIs, you can quickly validate customers using BVNs, emails, or phone numbers. The validation APIs helps you confirm the accuracy of customer information.

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Adjutor decisioning endpoints

Adjutor's Decisioning APIs include Credit Bureau and Mobile SDK which will guide you to make quick, easy and cost-effective decisions during your loan decision processes.

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